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XVIDEOS Harley Quinn free. Futa Harley Quinn x Fluttershy Harley with Clothes 2. 19 secBlackjrxiii Arkham Batman joker catwoman poison ivy harley quinn.

Right - couldn't batman arkham city harley quinn naked make it out spongebob hentei hard plastic, or something?

Not that it would stop everyone, I guess. It's a good thing she's covering her butt because with the kind of dorks who buy stuff like this she'd be a metoo member pretty soon. Some more info while I pretend to be a statue any time somebody looks at me while I slowly make my way to the elevator and sneak out for the day: The figure all meet and fuck games made of foam rubber and latex that's carefully hand-painted for realistic detail, down to the tattoos on her arm btman hip!

Harley sports plenty of extra touches like a metal wallet chain and synthetic hair. Keep going for a couple more shots, including Harley standing next to a real-life lady.

WAY too expensive for such low quality. Fell apart the first time I wore it. But for batman arkham city harley quinn naked minutes haked it lasted I had my partners undivided attention. Apparently if you're not attracted to Harley you're either dead or have no knowledge of Batman cannon. It deserves 1 star but I gave it 3 since it did the job I needed it for. Returned this item as it was secxy video big and just overall did not look like i had hoped it would.

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Swapping for a smaller size. Confused as it says its a and I'm a 12 but it's too aarkham This was a big hit at my friend's 30th birthday party which was dress up themed. The outfit fitted brilliantly and was good quality. See all 7 reviews. Would you like to see more batman arkham city harley quinn naked about this item? Pages with related products. See and discover other items: Unlimited One-Day Delivery sims 3 porn career more.

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Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get to Know Us. Where the Animated Harley was content to wear a onesie, this one wears a leather corset. Where the Classic Harley was happy to wear a jester's cap, this one has pig-tailed blonde hair and wears a choker.

A $1, Life-Size Harley Quinn Statue From The Batman: Arkham City Video Game - Geekologie

Where the Traditional Harley exuded a cheeky noir-derived sexuality, this one has ample cleavage and a bare mid-riff. Yet, this is still Harley Quinn: Given her credentials as a former white-coat psychiatrist with a bona fide Ph.

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The look has elsewhere been described as "porn star. She may now run the asylum, but she's still beholden to one of its patients. Asylum Harley frozen hentai game off bombs, creates Saw-like traps with hostages which to be fair, are now more malicious than they seem to have ever been with Classic Harley batman arkham city harley quinn naked, and she still performs acrobatic acts to elude capture — all while taunting the impotencies of The Bat.

Harley batman arkham city harley quinn naked reprises her role as the fan-fare narrator of the unfolding events, appearing in several safe spaces behind bullet-proof glass, behind a force field, on a TV screenbut further two items are absolutely inescapable: In the sequel Batman: Arkham Citythis pattern of expositional hench-lady seems destined to continue with Batman consoling a worried Alfred that "Quinn never was too smart", before she gets one-punch knocked down again.

Fucking furries tumblr not that Arkham Batman doesn't want you to fight Harley, you understand, it's that Batman is too much of a gentleman to make his fights with women protracted, batman arkham city harley quinn naked they're over too quickly to batman arkham city harley quinn naked worth taking control of. City Harley loves her announcements and she loves siccing her goons on Batman from a point of elevated safety.

She also carries this trait on in Batman: Arkham City Lockdownbeing eventually defeated, and one would imagine greatly embarrassed, by a slow-moving, remote-controlled, wonky batarang. City Harley is also enamored with her slightly more muted, new outfit this time with the tips of her bunches hentai schoolgirl blowjob black and have sex games What do you think bat-brain?

What am I saying, 'course you do. Harley also takes part in another fake death of The Joker as we also saw in Vengeance with Classic Hentai nipple suckingand continues dragon ball z bondage fantastic habit of pushing the narrative along with her own verbal incontinence, telling Batman that "I'm not going to tell you about the crap Joker took from Freeze and locked up in the boiler room": More specifically, everything changes for Video Game Harley.

By this point in the comics, Arkham Harley has already made her mark. You all claim that the game is not appropriate for children but is it not good to show their heroes punishing deviant behavior, even in subtle was such as this?

Is there no way to bridge it or are you not willing to try. What you are stating as the theme of the story, in your short sojourn with the game, is one of sexism. There is no evidence for this, You are ignoring the duality of batman arkham city harley quinn naked story, that it essentially one of good versus evil, the actions of one side are deemed morally correct, and the actions of the other are deviant.

All I have talked about is theme. Of the war between moral behavior and deviant behavior is dramatized in the game. How the player in the role of the moral character is tasked with batman arkham city harley quinn naked stopping of deviant behavior, including the actions you assert are sexist. Yes, the deviant behavior is in the majority, perhaps this is a metaphor for how the writers perceive the moral fiber of the United States, perhaps it shows how the prison population is become alarmingly huge.

You have accused me of not understanding your argument, that I am looking only at theme, and not thematic logic. You say you are talking about intention, but all you are doing is making assumptions about the intent of the creators. You say it is about tone well I have to say about tone, is that it is third person. As to your assertion that if I cannot meet your terms, then nothing can satisfy my argument, or your assertion that we see how media is to0 drastically different, making understanding impossible is untrue and an assumption on your part.

And if that is the crux, or altar, upon which the keystone of your argument works, explain it to me. I am willing to learn. Then I can meet you on your terms. The fact that Rocksteady chose to keep it in the game anyway means something. I assumed that the decision to breeding porn game the content in the game was one of theme, the world of Batman as drastically exaggerated.

I think what I say in my second and third sentences would be one decent barometer for differentiation. Except Batman is not explicitly good, and not is not a thematic element, it is part of the setting, not theme, the point dream world porn the story is not the disparity between Batman and the criminals, hell the reverse was true of Arkham Asylum I still think original Arkham Asylum comic fromwritten by the best Batman writer of all time Grant Morrison, better demonstrated how Batman is essentially as evil and insane as any patient of the asylumand from what I understand Arkham City is in part about how dark and twisted Gotham is as a whole.

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And in that sense their behavior plays to the theme and setting. It is supposed to batman arkham city harley quinn naked gratuitous it is supposed to be unnecessary. It is not a thematic element, it is an element of a theme, which is the darkness lurking in the depths of all cities.

The language reflects this but is not so important as to require specific mention, while things like the horrible conditions of Arkham City are repeatedly mentioned and addressed, when Batman assaults people who are just trying to find food, while they wait for a hatley drop. It also maybe that the writers did not want to make Batman too morally superior as to be unrelatable, or for players to feel that he is being too heavy handed, I for one do not want Batman to be overstepping his bounds.

It is perfectly alright for Batman to be assaulting murders, rapists, and thugs, but correcting them on something that many gamers and people do swearing in general may be overstepping. There are many reasons why the writers may have chosen the reasons they did, it is wrong to assume the worst. Dressing up like a giant bat should make him less relatable than that. There IS sonadow hentai reason the game is flooded with this word that explicitly paints women in the negative; if it was meant to shock, it would only show up infrequently, to preserve its power to do so.

Maybe we should swap it out for something else; people might get tired of hearing it. The line you suggested is a complete break batman arkham city harley quinn naked the character of Batman, Red Robin or Nightwing? Yes, they probably would have done something similar.

But Batman batman arkham city harley quinn naked not one to defend the character of another to batman arkham city harley quinn naked. I agree that arkhak language is important it is an nude women games debated in every media.

But what it seems you want to ctiy is to have the writers watch over what they have every character say, and how often they say it. Which is programing, they can only afford to do so many lines of mook dialog so they make it so they repeat lines often. Arkbam is one of the few swears that is generally acceptable to it is repeated often.

Samasan – Poisonous Love -Batman-

Also it is not just a derogatory term for women, it is used to degrade both men and women, in this game in fact there is a scene in the beginning of the game where an inmate declares that he is going to make Bruce Wayne his bitch.

And again I feel it would make Batman too morally superior in the sense toon juggs I do not mind him kicking the crap out of rapists, murders and thugs, but I do not want him to declare something as innocuous as being a potty mouth as being objectionable.

Superman can do that, and does it is what he is there for. We are still declaring that since it is in the game so much it must be something the creators believe. There batman arkham city harley quinn naked no evidence to support this, there is also no evidence to support otherwise.

Did you read that whole paragraph? And when that goes unchallenged you get the gross feeling of the author, be it one person writing fic or a whole team working on batman arkham city harley quinn naked AAA game, nudging you and inviting you to enjoy the little bursts of sexism as much as they presumably do.

She is also regularly depicted as being obsessed with the Joker to the point where she happily accepts regular domestic abuse in order to continue being around him. Is it considered a problem that a female character is depicted as being submissive and even complicit in being domestically abused by a man? Nope, it makes perfect sense given her character and her disorder. Seriously though, the sonic gender swap is not about Quinn in particular being called a bitch.

If it were presented as an batman arkham city harley quinn naked and universal aspect of her gender then yes, it would be a problem. No character batman arkham city harley quinn naked, not just the women.

quinn batman naked city harley arkham

The argument is that the tone and atmosphere of the game, as created by a number of small design choices added together, is sexist to the point that it is noticeably off-putting, naruto fucks sasuke that it stands out all the more because the game is otherwise well made. No one is criticizing Random Thug 82 for calling someone a bitch right before they get pummeled. Batman arkham city harley quinn naked you read one pice porn comics?

So, is it a problem that an adult game contains adult content? No, especially when it is tame compared to source material. Is there a debate to be had about whether the game has been wrongly labelled as T in the US? The main crux of HULKs argument seems to be that kids will play the game and be influenced by its liberal use of the word bitch to the point where they grow up with a derogatory view of the opposite sex. Batman is a brutal, adult character with brutal methods and his stories typically deal with brutal, adult themes such as genocide, serial killers, rape, mental illness, and the boundaries of acceptable conduct under extreme circumstances.

He is also regularly depicted as free adult interracial porn just as obsessive and mentally ill as the people he comes into conflict with. In the majority of cases, Batman is not a character that can be fully appreciated or understood naked creeper girl children. This is not Adam West. Who started out as a very kid-friendly detective in a medium created for wish-fulfillment by two batman arkham city harley quinn naked Jewish kids in Cleveland.

Batman was even more violent at the time of his inception than he is today; he carried a gun and was quite happy to kill people. No their summary meily cyrus porn Batman is correct.

He never actually carried a gun and even in the early comics he never really murdered anyone. He was displayed on some covers with guns but never used them. Also Bob Kane and Bill Finger were also jewish, not sure about the Cleveland thing as they both vados sex up in New York, though they were both in their mid-twenties so I would not exactly call them kids. The sequence in Batman 1 was to batman arkham city harley quinn naked the last time that Batman intentionally killed someone, although batman arkham city harley quinn naked was far from the last time he used a gun.

So the article acknowledges that Batman was rather complacent about committing murder in his formative years. The article also repeatedly shows a number of panels not just covers where Batman is explicitly shown to be wielding a gun.

How can we have a quality discussion if you fail at simply understanding the argument, despite a NUMBER of people attempting to fill you in? Most of whom, it must be said, are criticising him based on a mis-reading of his original post.

I believe that a game or movie, or book, or song is not automatically sexist, just because it includes sexism how else would artists critique sexism? What makes a piece of media sexist is if, through the way it tells its story and the portrayal of both men and women throughout, it will engender sexism in its audience, either deliberately rare or unconsciously sadly, pretty common.

The content might involve her kicking ass, but the context subverts that message. After seeing it, is the audience more likely to view women as batman arkham city harley quinn naked Having just watched Transformers treat Megan Fox as an object, I believe that they will, therefore I believe that film is sexist.

arkham city naked batman harley quinn

But it seems like Hulk is making a similar point about the game. Every single aspect of their portrayal is context. Firstly, Hollywood is endemically sexist. Secondly, Selina Kyle, Catwoman, has always game tsunade an inherently sexual character. But she has also been written by women, and if anything she became even more sexualised. Hulks argument fails on several levels.

That one section of the blog hugely undermines his argument. Another batman arkham city harley quinn naked his sweeping generalisation that porn is inherently exploitative of women, ignoring the fact that not every porn actress has a gun held against batman arkham city harley quinn naked head forcing them to have sex hot cat girls camera.

I realise that he has attempted to clarify that point and has acknowledged he was wrong to make such a generalisation in the comments, but that is very much attempting to shut the barn door after the horse has bolted. He should have had the forethought not to have made the comment in the first place and it is actually, ironically, condescending to women to make such a sweeping statement.

Thirdly, he dismisses with a sweep of his hands the notion that the comments are justified given the context of the game. Which is rather bizarre, because the context is entirely obvious.

quinn city harley naked arkham batman

One can only assume that he is so dismissive of it because it he batman arkham city harley quinn naked aware that it utterly undermines his position. Their needs and cuty are more direct, more primal, and they act accordingly. Conversely, I know damn well that if I was confronted by a psychopathic, murderous woman that I would quite possibly call her every name under the sun.

Calling her a bitch would be one of the least offensive words to fall off my tongue. If the character was a atkham in the same situation, I would likewise probably call him all the sharks lagoon of male-oriented insults such as bastard, motherfucker, prick, dickhead, etc.

arkham city quinn batman naked harley

Particularly when the stakes are high. Lastly, and this is another thing that has been repeatedly raised and that he has dismissed, is the condescending and patronising nature of someone speaking on behalf of a group and getting all offended for them. People batman arkham city harley quinn naked more than capable of sticking up pussy saga hentai themselves if they feel offended.

Speaking as a gay man with a disability, there is naied I find more patronising, condescending and offensive than a straight, abled person crying havoc over perceived discrimination. If I see it, I will speak against nakedd. That one female commenter stated that only men are in a position to fight against sexism was defeatist and actually rather disheartening. Women are laughing at this argument. There is a reason why this argument has been almost exclusively dominated by men cortana sexualized amongst themselves.

This piece was picked up by a game site, whose batman arkham city harley quinn naked skews heavily male, which is why you may have to look through the comments a gamesxxx harder to see us.

naked batman harley quinn arkham city

I, personally, stopped visiting Kotaku because of the type of comments there. It is how the elements are presented as defined by the relationship they have with the rest. I gave a batman arkham city harley quinn naked examples of how I think the game could have simply done this here, though this is a little bit of a side note: No, let me sum up: Though I am a girl, so apparently you can now at least take my word that it is a little sexist or something.

His one comment was on her suit and its presentation qhinn the audience introduced her via ass hzrley. I find it condescending and completely wrongheaded. The movement was grassroots and included folks of all colors, but cumshots teen had to appeal to batman arkham city harley quinn naked in power—who were white.

As always, you have taken slave korra I feel, and put it into delicious, eloquent words, which helps me to not look like a rambling maniac. Do they talk about how they got busted working in meth labs? Do porn dolls show the effects of drug addiction?

naked city quinn arkham batman harley

Do any of the criminals dominate the other criminals because of prison-fostered sexual relationships? Why then, would Rocksteady be so insistent on fostering a supposedly authentic tone of criminality when dealing with women?

It clashed horrendously with how I imagined her. I would love Rocksteady to release an alternate skin for her. Zip up the suit for one thing. It detracts from my enjoyment of it. Certainly sooner, if Rocksteady release a redesigned Catwoman. As always a clear and concise dissection of a medium that I enjoy and can agree with you, but I must ask rape free download very important question….

Thanks for the quick reply. I always enjoy reading your articles prostitue xxx points.

I actually worked in Middle School for at-risk youth too for several years, so I understand your feelings on this. Please batman arkham city harley quinn naked to keep up the superb work. Looking forward to your next article Hulk.

Mostly I just wanted to give Hulk an e-hug batman arkham city harley quinn naked writing this and for being his patient self. Is Poison Ivy as ridiculous as the first game, superhero cartoon xxx did they somehow find a way to up the lip curling ludicrousness of her attire in this one?

Poison Ivy has always been dressd like that — well, at least since Crisis onwards. The leafy bits over her… womany bits… is spun anal there to keep it JUST on the side of acceptable artistic depiction Batman may be an adult comic, but there are still boundaries of taste in order to prevent it from falling into the level of hackery batman arkham city harley quinn naked with anything vomited from the pen and pencils of Frank Miler in the last twenty years — who, it has to be said, is infinitely more sexist, racist and homophobic than any other modern comic writer.

arkham harley naked city batman quinn

Have you had a look at his latest, Holy Terror? Batman arkham city harley quinn naked god, batman arkham city harley quinn naked a racist trainwreck massive tits com is.

Harley gained tattoos and a more sultry outfit than before. Hang on, you think that a full body costume which is, incidentally, pretty much identical to the costume that she has always worn from her first appearance in the 90s animated to present day comics is more sultry than the skintight pvc nurses outfit, complete with belt-length rara skirt that she wore in Arkham Asylum?

OK, I may have not quite recalled her previous outfit as well as I thought after looking it up. Perhaps not, though the addition of tattoos is still an incredibly odd choice. Not more sultry than the egregious outfit she did have when was Harley ever a nurse? However, did you just attempt to equate the Arkham City outfit: Her bodysuit was a perfectly good outfit.

The nurse costume was already too much. Unfortunately, they hentia havencom to double down on that mistake. Completely understandable given that a woman he despises has just inflicted a horrible wound upon someone already disfigured? Gliding around the city, I picked up some radio chatter about Harley Quinn.

arkham city harley naked batman quinn

I listened intently, aware that the radio chatter was particularly singled out for the liberal usage of the word. And yes, it was used. In only one of at least a dozen radio conversations that I clitgames to.

Did it make sense given the batman arkham city harley quinn naked Two thugs were complaining about the erratic behaviour of Joker and Harley. Note to non-comic readers: Harley Quinn is an utterly, utterly insane psychopath. And that was it.

Now, I acknowledge that the game is semi-open world, that the instances of radio chatter are pseudo-random and therefore that johhny test sex peoples experiences of batman arkham city harley quinn naked game over the same time period will be largely different. They all said no. They noted that use by two-face which we have already established was completely justified by context.

My point here is that personal experience, and through consulting other people with personal experience, has led to a completely different reality furry hentai that which Hulk used to form the entire basis of his argument. Reading that article, you would understandably go into playing the game thinking that you will hear the word ten, twenty, thirty times an hour.

arkham harley naked city batman quinn

And when you take goth girl porn gif away, considering it is very much the lynchpin of his entire argument, then everything else collapses. But that, literally, is it, and certainly does not elevate the game above to a particular adult xxx near me of sexism compared to any other game in the industry.

Combined with her reimagination as a teenage girl, batman arkham city harley quinn naked has raised more than a few eyebrows. Either you are playing a VASTLY different game to myself and my friends, or you deliberately batman arkham city harley quinn naked in order to justify your rant. Given my experience of bloggers, I suspect that you may be deliberately causing controversy in order to drum up some web hits and that you absolutely BANKED on the attention you received.

Or perhaps you were reviewing an older build of the game, and there have since been changes to the code for the final release. Any of those is, I suspect, a possibility. But given the amont of attention this blog has received and the massive controversy it has generated and plenty of ridicule for your laboured and tired use of capslock and hulk speak, as if it is somehow originalI certainly think it is worth asking:.

Harley Quinn - Arkham ASSylum

Apologies if you end up duplicating yourself or having to follow two separate streams of comments as a refult. Discourse has to go both ways. Crying about sexism in such a thing horny chat room about as pointless as quinnn about it in professional wrestling. These things are not made for two demographics: In short, crying about sexism in a mainstream video game is like crying about lack of character motivation in a Barney the Dinosaur episode.

I find it quite hilarious and sad hatley the same time that you are ranting over this. This was immediately followed by talking about how he killed her. You have misinterpreted my remark batman arkham city harley quinn naked you took it out of context. All in all, the fact remains, yes it has moments of excessive-ness, but you NEED to keep in my who is being represented.

Batman arkham city harley quinn naked is the context. Remember it IS prison, not a daycare center or school. Harly you, having the Hulk use conjugated verbs and indefinite articles is also pushing the bounds of belief. I HAVE played the game. So firstly, get off your high horse before you start berating someone over language used in a game.

Secondly, no i did NOT miss nakwd point. Yes it IS sexy anime flash games fictional world. shion game

arkham city naked batman harley quinn

If you were not aware of this previous fact, then I am sorry for breaking it to elsa & anna games. They typically are not very eloquent.

To believe that criminals have the same speech patterns as you is not only naive, but idiotic as well. Each and every person is different due to free will. Or lack there of. All you are going on is conjecture at best and opinion at worst.

arkham naked harley batman city quinn

I myself am an American, so I can call quuinn lazy. Too many people would batman arkham city harley quinn naked be lazy and use the nine tailed fox porn of someone else as fact than do the research themselves.

Either way it results in wrongness on one side or another. There are far better mediums for furthering you agendas than a random blog. So in closing, grow up. Yes, I believe that the majority of criminals are not batman arkham city harley quinn naked.

Yes, their moral system is certainly different from the norm. Tdi henti this is the case, then I say that this stops them from becoming believable criminal characters, and we experience a naled in the suspension of disbelief needed to become immersed in qiinn world.

That, and the sexism of the script writers that caused the break, is what I would find annoying. I hope that clears things up. It detracts from the rationality of your argument, and makes you sound cranky and spiteful. Loved the article, very interesting points made about sexism in the game.

arkham harley quinn city naked batman

I especially love the Hulk style you write in, this makes you one of the funniest film critics to read. So i have been waiting with baited breath for the sequel to one of the batman arkham city harley quinn naked games ever still no worthy Hulk video game.

I think that the real issue was the violence towards women, i got a bit of a quiver when Batman casually punches Harley Quinn to actual sex video ground. I think its good to feel uncomfortable.

Relevance Harley-quinn Gifs

Still, I would have preferred the hentai dating sim android of catwoman and Harley Quinn to be less sexualised. I guess its to entertain teenaged boys, which goes back to your point batma context. Like you, these issues batman arkham city harley quinn naked not prevent me from continually coming back to the game, which is massively playable and beautiful in its design.

You get a sense that those IGN guys will never produce anything to this standard sexism not-withstanding. Unlock the Two-Face and Catwoman back story and you find luba pussy that they had been feuding for months.

An Irate Sociopath whose been pushed to the brink would certainly use the word bitch.

arkham quinn naked city harley batman

Second point would be location. They are in a prison.

city quinn harley naked batman arkham

Take any woman through a prison showing batman arkham city harley quinn naked muscle and I bet you language is more foul.

Which bring me to my third point. Ivy-Blessed with the ability to alter her pheromones, combined with her sexually per vocative personality she is able to master mind control of men. Harley Quinn- A Physcologist gone top futa hentai, in a quest batman arkham city harley quinn naked gain the approval and intimacy from the Joker, she clothes herself in a combination of explicit carnival based attire. Which you can then follow psychology with the Stanford Prison Experiment, which would explain for the guards demeaning and objectifying view towards the female inmates.

Not so for Catwoman, though. Showing that much flesh is not justified for that profession. A burgler is supposed to be inconspicuous. Her appearance in Arkham City is anything but. Therefore we can conclude that it was designed thus for titillation.

naked city harley quinn batman arkham

Just to clarify to Dale who persists in entirely missing the pointWarner Bros. While not an excuse, comics gothic hentai been historically oriented towards males, batman arkham city harley quinn naked when it comes to the portrayal of Catwoman, even back when Adam West was Batman, Catwoman was a sex symbol of sorts. Also, look at Batman. Look at his costume, and look how he acts.

A traps the size of my thighs? This is fiction with very stylized art. We as people have been exaggerating art as long as there has been art.

the legend of korra naked

Venus of Willendorf anybody? Even Discobolus is exaggerated in that he is perfectly toned. When it comes to art and story we as human push boundaries. Hi Hulk, While you are indeed correct that Arkham City contains sexism you are entirely wrong about which characters represent it.

A great number of women rakham real-life are also highly sexual and dress like prostitutes.

Feb 7, - Anne Hathway's sexy Catwoman sure made The Dark Knight Rises a greater movie. And while the issue of sex in video games is a thorny one, it would be noteworthy if Rocksteady batman-arkham-knight-harley-quinn.

Did you forget that they naaked murderers, outcasts and citg Her skin-tight outfit and immaculate figure convey that only a woman of such flawless dimensions could be worthy of Batman who is himself, an archetype of heroism and therefore only physically perfect women are deserving of heroic men.

There is your sexism. Re-write your article or take it down before you embarass yourself any further. I lashed out unecessarily. Possibly fity your are the Hulk and I knew you could take it. You are to be commended for raising the topic but I just enjoyed batman arkham city harley quinn naked hell out of Arkham City and got offended. An interesting treatment is couturier mention.

I cerebrate that you should pen statesman on this theme, it strength not batman arkham city harley quinn naked a sacred message but mostly group ahrley not enough to mouth on specified topics. Oh dear, where to begin… Few things first: I have absolutely no idea nor an opinion! To say it bluntly: AC is sexist absolutely fails to show that B: Their king of fighters wing are sexist, obviously, but it makes sense to me.

The male equivalent of a bitch is an asshole. I can understand you are thinking like this. Which, if my information is xxx adult sex movies, is exactly what they call him.

Movies and games are completely different mediums.