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Champion of Corruption -: July 15, 5: An AU based closely off Corruption of champions like games excellent Corruption of Incredibles pron, now presented in a new setting and context for people to enjoy. With TiTS overshadowing further developement of CoC, and I being a bigger fan of the latter, I thought I'd give it a new chance champioms breathe by giving a new story based on it since I sure as hell can't program!

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Combat is affected by a few stats, called Strength, which determines the power of attacks; Toughness, which helps the player endure attacks; Speed, used danny phantom sam porn determine the player's ability to flee from combat; and Intelligence, which can increase the power of non-regular attacks and aid in gamws.

Leveling and certain items corruption of champions like games change these, and maximizing them is a frequent goal of players which keeps them motivated to continue playing.

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Stats are also heavily affected by perks and items. Finding and using the most strongest weapons and armor available are another major nude sed in gameplay, since none are very easily obtained.

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Perks are mostly gained corruption of champions like games leveling and can affect everything from health, to endurance, to lkie hit chance, to seductive capabilities. Perks are extremely powerful and useful, with some feats near impossible sexy wolfman the proper perks, and many of the best ones are only obtained through certain requirements, so the player may need to devote a lot of time into getting them.

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Another major portion of gameplay is interaction with non-hostile NPCs. There are several characters to gmaes with, each who have their own unique personality and backstory.

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Nov 15, If you are after text games there is also Aika's "Trap Quest" http: Nimin Fetish Fantasy seems to contain some bestiality content, but the game hasn't been updated in forever. Corruption of champions like games 24, 1, Hell more so than furry it seems nearly every text game is built around mind-control or transformations, I'd really just like a game along the lines of 'A Dance with Rogues'.

So i just finished TiTs, CoC and the two mods it has. Are there any other games like these where it's sandbox-ish and open world? Game Development List · Community's top 5 games (July ) · Lewd Patcher - 18+ patches for adult games . (Not slaves as in bdsm, but slaves as in sexual training.).Are there any good examples of Adult/Pornographic games with.

Big issue is also that most text games revolve around nothing BUT sex which kind of removes the whole point of interactivity, hardcore doggy all your game corruption of champions like games offers is a choice of which bit of text to read it's not much of a game so much as an interface to a nexus of short pornographic stories.

Feb 18, You might be interested in Seeds of Chaos. I wouldn't bother, its a pretty bad game which has even more emphasis on furries.

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Sorry for any spelling and grammar mistakes english is not my native language. I am happy to answer any question.

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Thank you for reading! Dunno if this counts but ONScripter allows you to have pretty much every visual novel and eroge in your android. Tried it with all the Monmusu titles, worked like a charm.

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Lord Alucard New Member. The android version of defiler wings won't install.

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Shirokoi is creating repeat. So far I think it's grand.

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