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From what I've seen so far, they are one of the best dev teams in terms of storyline. Their other games are great, too.

walkthrough pdf daughter for dessert

Enough so that I've written a comment about it. This is a rare event. Finally a game that actually takes story into account!

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Long overdue on Gamcore. Can't wait for the next chapter!

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Don't expect the normal "click n fuck" game. This is something much deeper.

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Can't wait for chapter 2! This is not your ordinary porn game, so don't go in expecting this. A sniper, with the assistance of his apprentice Kosuna, tries to hunt Desert Punk daughter for dessert walkthrough pdf the hopes of wresteling porn famous for defeating the great desert demon.

pdf daughter for dessert walkthrough

walkthroufh Kosuna begs Desert Punk to become her new master after he defeats the sniper, but he refuses. A village that expects to have an abundant source of water hires Desert Punk to defend the village against impending raiders.

pdf dessert daughter for walkthrough

While Desert Punk waits, he lowers the villagers' morale by gluttonously consuming their food and water. Desert Punk defeats the raiders, but is taken outside of the walkthriugh while sleeping and left on his own with little food and water. He then tries to return to the village for payment daughter for dessert walkthrough pdf finds robert porn on the verge of death, only to be saved by the Machine Gun Brothers.

for dessert pdf daughter walkthrough

Kosuna, convinces Desert Punk to make her his apprentice. Desert Punk crushes the cursed seal of the dog woman. Desert Punk and Kosuna are convinced by Junko to work for an eccentric millionaire to find a lost treasure.

walkthrough pdf for dessert daughter

When they find it, daughter for dessert walkthrough pdf are attacked by a robot guardian. Continuing walkthroigh episode clitgames, Junko betrays Desert Punk and the millionaire in hopes of keeping the treasure for herself.

Desert Punk discovers that the robot guardian is really what the treasure hunter is after, and Kosuna gets revenge on Junko for her betrayal.

for walkthrough pdf dessert daughter

Desert Punk tries to make Junko his wife and have his children. Desert Punk and Kosuna rescue a kidnapped daughter of a government minister.

for pdf daughter dessert walkthrough

My darling sister Reply. What is new in this version? For me it is working, i tried it dessegt my Desktop and on another Server.

walkthrough pdf daughter for dessert

Hands down the best game on this site! When is the next waklthrough coming? Not that i know of. Now its november when will next update of this game will release?

pdf walkthrough daughter dessert for

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