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Skip - when this button is in, the game enters turbo mode, blazing through all dialogue at lightning pace with no clicking on your part. With this toggled on, you can completely train a doll from scratch in submlssion minutes. Wxlkthrough - brings up a list of ten slots; click one to save your game in it. Load - click on a slot with a saved game in it to restore that game.

Menu - brings parody sex a list of the following options, in order from top down: Save - same as the Save button. Load - same as the Desire and submission 3 walkthrough button. Config - same as Config on the title menu. Toggle Window Mode - same as Alt-Enter.

Back to Title - returns you to the title menu if confirmed. Exit desire and submission 3 walkthrough quits hd toon porn videos game program entirely if confirmed.

Note that neither method of saving nor loading works if there's a button bar showing in the left-center of the screen. If you play with Skip sexlab sex animations a lot, you'll need to turn it off to save, otherwise the game will fly from one button bar to the next.

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Thankfully, you can turn off Skip when the bar is showing although you'll have to pick waljthrough from that bar before saving. From the top down: Physical Strength - dfsire energy your doll has with which to perform. Every time she is taught something, this decreases. This ranges from - fully rested - to walkrhrough, which will make her collapse, end the day desire and submission 3 walkthrough training, and penalize all her other stats.

This is usually a bad thing. This stat is your greatest opponent to making the perfect doll; how efficiently you budget her strength is the deciding factor in desire and submission 3 walkthrough a good doll. Mental Strength - This also ranges from - ready for anything - to 0, which will also end the day of training but not penalize her in any other way. Usually easter sexy strength will drain away much faster than mental, and that's much more important, so this stat can essentially be ignored.

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Nonetheless, it drops with every lesson. Reason - I believe this is her willingness to learn. It also tends to decrease with every lesson, and probably has ice queen from adventure time subtle effect on how desire and submission 3 walkthrough she learns.

This tops out atbut I've never seen it drop even close to 0. This is one of those subtle things the game doesn't explain. If anyone has the skinny on this, let me know. Pleasure - the doll's pleasure rating; how knowledgeable and effective she is at responding to pleasuring stimuli. This starts popular free porn site 2 after the intro and goes up whenever you give her pleasure desire and submission 3 walkthrough.

It goes down only if she faints physical strength hits zero. Although the red bar maxes out atthe stat itself has no upper limit. This starts at zero, goes up with service training, goes down with fainting, and has no upper limit. Disgrace - the doll's disgrace rating; how composed and effective she is at submitting herself to embarrassment.

This starts at zero, goes up with disgrace training, goes desire and submission 3 walkthrough with fainting, and has no upper limit. Abuse - the doll's abuse rating; how composed and effective she is at submitting herself to physical pain.

Desire and submission 3 walkthrough starts at zero, goes up with abuse training, goes down with fainting, and has no upper limit. Anal - the doll's anal rating. That pretty much speaks for itself. Zero to start, goes up with anal training ickgoes down with fainting, and for those so inclined which I'm not, thank youlimitless. DOLL - this the doll's overall effectiveness. Pokemon snap hentai creeps up with any manner of training and goes down with fainting.

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It has no upper limit. Loyalty - how loyal the doll is to you.

3 submission desire walkthrough and

This ranges desire and submission 3 walkthrough 0 to I'm unsure of its effect and what makes it change. Reliance - how dependent the doll is on you. I have no clues on this, either. F - The Kiiroo and Calendar Events The gray window in the top-left corner of most screens shows the doll's wslkthrough at the top and a number in the bottom I'm not sure what the center line is.

That number is all-important to you: The intro takes place on "day 1", which is a Monday. Dsire the intro, the red 2 that flies in and out of the screen denotes that it is now day 2, a Tuesday, and the countdown shows The calendar date and the countdown world sex chat will always sum to Since the countdown number is easiest to deskre, here is a small calendar in reverse: She's desire and submission 3 walkthrough clerk, and your only contact with the sumission staff.

You don't actually need to do anything special here - it's just dialogue, I assume a status report. There is no doll training on weekends.

3 walkthrough desire and submission

Fridays are special - you can't take the doll to the basement. Instead, you can give her what I call "special training" or you can take her submissipn a stroll in desire and submission 3 walkthrough nearby park either that or the school grounds are incredibly beautiful. The special training varies by week: Aya will give a lesson to your doll.

submission walkthrough and desire 3

You will role-play with the doll. Each of these is influenced by the somatotype of your doll; zone tan demon example, the type of lesson on 15 varies. Regardless of what day it is or the somatotype sally porno your doll, the result is the desire and submission 3 walkthrough - a small increase to all stats.

If you opt for the walks in the park, you'll be given dialogue choices. Just click on whichever one suits your fancy. The first time you take her, you get these three options: If you take her free cum filled pussy the park three times, you'll get a little heartwarming scene and a silhouette kiss. At any rate, taking her to the park seems to increase her loyalty and reliance. Countdown 2 not 1 is the last day of training; the final Friday is the Sex Blood Festival, at which point you must lead your doll into combat The countdown only reads zero in Special Mode see subchapter A.

G - Training The button bars that appear on the left-center are how you choose what your doll will do - or have done to her - at any given moment. When in the hall with your doll as opposed to in the basementyou typically have two buttons desire and submission 3 walkthrough press: Train - the top button takes desire and submission 3 walkthrough doll to the basement; Don't Train - the bottom button gives the doll the day off.

She will recover 30 physical strength each day whether she trains or not, so this is only useful if you want to give her a buffer to work with perhaps to set her up so she ends a Thursday with 1 left - see Chapter 5. On Fridays, a third button appears in-between these two: Rest - the middle button will take the doll for a walk in the park.

The desire and submission 3 walkthrough button will engage special training on Fridays. Needless to say, you'll usually use the top button. Down in the basement, you'll get another button bar.

Critical Point - Walkthrough (Adult Title)

I don't need to tell you what these buttons mean, because I already have - compare cartoo por to the parameter window and you'll see they match up. These buttons are for giving the doll lessons in those five categories.

3 desire walkthrough submission and

At desire and submission 3 walkthrough, these are the only buttons that appear, but two others can show up: Once you do, every time you bring the doll desire and submission 3 walkthrough to the dungeon, she will say that phrase to your character before the training starts.

It doesn't seem to have any game effect; I guess that it's here solely for fetish purposes, so if any words turn you on, let her say them to you.

You can change this phrase by hitting the button again. As ragdoll torture chamber, only full-size characters can be used. Oh, and in the interest of completeness, no, you won't get a voice-over of your phrase, only text. But you probably figured that.

Exit - this appears after performing one lesson. It ends the day of training. The doll will recover 30 physical strength overnight. When clicking on a button for one of the five types of training, another bar immediately appears, with 2 to 5 buttons. The bottom button is always Back, to return you to the first button bar; the rest are different things you can give your doll a lesson in. The higher a doll's stat in the category you chose, the more options you will have.

Desire and submission 3 walkthrough are in four tiers, ranging from easiest least strenuous, least educational at tier 1 to hardest most exhausting, most rewarding at tier 4: You cannot duplicate a lesson in a day - it will disappear from the menu.

When an entire category is cleared out, its looney tune porn cannot be selected for the remainder of that day. Complete all available lessons and the day ends automatically. It also increases the overall doll rating.

walkthrough desire and submission 3

Note that the amount of physical and mental strength lost with each lesson decreases with future repetition of the lesson on later days, but only to a point, and the increases to the category stat and doll rating remain relatively constant.