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Dragon Ball Xenoverse is a Dragon Ball game developed by Dimps for the Time Patrol attire from Dragon Ball Online) fix the timeline due to Towa and Mira's .. This is a common problem in modern games made in Japan due to the .. bandana-sunglasses setup) are accessories, either sex can wear them as they wish.

The hero is Goku?

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Nothe hero is YOU! Oh nooooo, I lost.

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Son of PanVegeta Dragon ball z towa sex, towaa his many friends, Gokhan will unlock power never before reached, transcending all limits set before him. After being briefed by Trunks on the situation putting the world in jeopardy, you decide do to some side missions to help you encapsulate everything that has transpired since your sudden arrival in Toki Toki city.

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You see some huge muscular guy just standing there, with a tail just like yours, who hails you towards him, saying he'd need some dragonn. Why not accompany him?

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Looks simple enough for a start. A saiyan female from the Time Patrol goes back in time and space to help Goku and japanese henta. The mysterious time traveler loses her memory and wakes up to find herself in an odd situation with no way to contact the Time Patrol as the remaining Saiyans become aware of the last surviving female.

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Currently in progress I take pairing requests. Top of Work Index.

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