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Champion of Lust is a kinky xxx game which comes in both Spanish and English Tags: porn babe games hentai cartoon adult mobile lust story android hentai.

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Dont have the swf Reply. What is galery code? Does anyone have the other cheat codes too please?

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Alexis will you be releasing the new Elana update? When i got it i will upload it. Dont understand what you want.

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Im not a Patreon of his so i dont have the Images. Elana Champion of Lustis a game where you will have to bring champiion the natural order to an island where the people have lost and forgotten all about elana champion of lust chapter 2 and passions.

You will control Elana, a fairy who has found the energy of lust and passion that was once removed from the people.

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The area have two possible endings cchapter the rewards of the endings are not implemented yet. Her chain of events begin the second time you go to the east of the island. Two of the events trigger only by walking there, then there is a clickable event in the path to the east same place where top fucked first events triggers.

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cnapter Because of this now the points to level up now are called experience and the old experience changes it's name for "lust power. To unlock them you have to see the strapon event in the farms.

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To access the under the sea area you'll have to complete Elana champion of lust chapter 2 and Scyllas event and then go to the hot springs and watch the free tv cartoon porn that will allow Elana to breath under the water. Like Reply Chaptwr Please The new way to enter a code is press 0 Like Reply to enter code Like Reply Code Like Reply NightShade Where chapterr you wirte the code?? Like Reply ATCkit Like Reply Tony Like Reply how Like Reply MidKnight Like Reply Fish Like Reply qwwdddqw No Credit Cards or Personal Info!!

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Few years ago, when I've started to play the adult games, I thought was a joke, but now, I know that the games are very interactive and full of adventure.

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