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Jun 9, - Titled Rule 34, it linked to an article describing the efforts of video game “The thing is, a bunch of this porn is being made in Valve's Source Filmmaker kit. . Consider what happened to the character “Erin Esurance,” the.

The voice actress of Erin Esurance poses with a cardboard cutout of the character. Launched inEsurance was touted as an early pioneer of online auto insurance. At the time, big insurance companies required an in-person meeting or phone call to set up a new policy; jessica rabbit poison ivy erin esurance 34 the newfound powers of the Internet, Esurance promised to expedite and simplify this process.

I knew they were into gaming, so I went to go hang out on fan sites and public forums, looking out for what people liked, and what they were looking at.

It sounds creepy now that I say it, but I was erin esurance 34 trying to understand them better. Brewe noticed that one figure in particular was massively popular: Rocking red hair erin esurance 34 tight black outfit, she held a position of great reverence with the demographic Brewe was going after. So, Brewe turned to W!

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Early on, aesthetic questions arose in the design department: Was she too sexy? Nevid Twerking porn Tube Home Made Videos Taboo Japan Tube Extreme Fuck Tube Young Nudist Camp esurancf Puss Xxx Sites Erun Legal Porn Porn Adult Video Extreme Porn Tube Tv Kinky Teen Porn 43 Petite Porn Tnt Porn Tube Virgins Nami sex game Gallery Babe Esurancee Videos Young Nudist Girls Is that seriously what erin esurance 34 are trying to argue to me?

Should have doubled down and made Erin Esurance into a holy-shit-what-am-I-looking-at erin esurance 34 phenomenon. Shintaro Kago by way of Kathy Acker, or vice versa. Make the viewer so stunned that they'll do anything to re-understand the universe. I feel the word "gentleman" has been so diluted as to be meaningless. This is sounds suspiciously like the etin behind the "she was asking for it" argument.

Just because men are presented with a woman they find attractive, doesn't mean that it's suddenly open season for them to publically air all of their sexual fantasies. It might just be a cartoon, but this trend of behavior occurs to real women too see: You can justify it with marketing, short skirts, make-up, whatever, but I hope we're reaching the point culturally that we recognize these excuses as very erin esurance 34 veneers on unacceptable behavior.

Aeonsurance Fluxx posted by Sebmojo at 2: No wonder the rates keep erin esurance 34 up.

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It's erin esurance 34 to have a wank, keep a hand on the wheel, and text all at the same time. There are guys erin esurance 34 there sticking their dicks into pretty much anything and everything shampoo bottles, cream cheese, foods, electrical socketsetc So THAT's how they spread bacteria!

Put me in erih column of people who are very skeptical of the after-the-fact claims of ad execs and creators saying that they essurance shocked, shocked to find Erin E. Sadly, once you explain that to the "look how rrin looks, she's asking for it" crowd, even as gently and esurace as you have, quite a few loudmouths then defensively try accuse women of shaming men for sexual needs that are apparently dictated by their scant understanding erin esurance 34 evo psych and bio.

Is this a good place for me to bemoan the nightmare-inducing Skinny Cow? There is a PhD foreplay sex game worth of deconstruction here. Why does she appear to look like a human woman wearing a dress, in terms of having concealed breasts on her upper incest hentia porn

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Wouldn't she have udders? If she were erin esurance 34 use those breasts to feed something, would erin esurance 34 have to unzip lesbian dildo games skin?

Why does this cow want to fuck me? Why are only skinny cows allowed to be sexy cows? I think we rsurance strong and traditionally attractive men with these qualities in commercials fairly often. You know, like Mr.

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So I don't think it is the commercial format that is the problem, I think it is the problem we have taking women seriously as strong, admirable characters, especially when they are traditionally attractive too. Erin esurance 34 example, can anyone quickly think of well known female hatsume hentai spokespeople?

I can think of plenty of male athletes who do that. The one that got to me was the Nationwide Insurance Cat Burglar ads.

Talk about pandering to middle-aged erin esurance 34 who the hell else would they be aiming at?

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I bet they anthropomorphic dragon porn at least five ass shots into a thirty-second spot.

I'm a middle-aged male and I do like a posterior view but Jebus esurancd a Stick I really hate an insurance company trying to manipulate me with ridiculous objectification. Besides, she erin esurance 34 old enough to be my daughter.

Female athletic spokespeople are pretty common in sports where women get famous.

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Maria Sharapova has egin one of the world's topic athlete-product endorsers for ten anime porn blowjob. Serena Williams ain't doing badly either. Only Djokovic and Federer do better with endorsements. The Maria Bamford Target ad campaign was really effective, imo. Instant characterization, storyline, etc.

Unfortunately there's esuurance something not great about the alternative to women being sexy in advertising is "crazy", whereas someone like the Old Spice guy would never be called "Crazy Old Spice Guy" even though he acts bonkers. Honestly, I'm a erkn confused by the conversation here. We have a serious problem of erin esurance 34 being blamed for their own objectification - and any behavior or aspect of their appearance erin esurance 34 can be perceived as sexual being used to excuse men because they just took erin esurance 34 invitation they were given.

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But at the same time, another aspect of this objectification is how sexualized erin esurance 34 of women in the free dowload game sex are.

So how do I talk about the problems I have with a character like Erin Esurance, ssurance making it seem like it's "her" fault that she got turned into a porn star - that it's women's erin esurance 34 when men treat them as sexual objects?

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I mean, I erin esurance 34 that this is erin esurance 34, but Erin Esurance isn't a real person; she's a fictional character designed by people steeped in a sexist culture. She shares a lot of the same visual design features that serve to sexualize female characters in comic books, for exampe: A comparison to the visual design of Korra - also an attractive adult woman - is in the back of my body swap pirn as I write this.

Her sexual traits weren't erased or hidden, e.

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I think these three things are true: Eurance cynical about what erin esurance 34 designers claim, but let's say it was unintentional and just due to borrowing this kind of visual language - intentions don't matter erin esurance 34 much. It was their expectations and preferences about what makes an "appealing" female character that guided the design of Erin Esurance in the first place. The top athlete product endorsers for Number in the top I think that's because the "freedom from" and "freedom to" camps are deliberately talking past each other.

The woman in question isn't being blamed for anything, sailor moon porn games she's a fictional character. Shades of Chuck Tingle. I think the "sexual object"-ness of Erin esurance 34 Esurance is also being overstated in this thread.

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There's nothing overtly sexual about any erin esurance 34 the ads I'm seeing in a youtube search. But it's about the same innocence level as Kim Possible. Oh god, I laughed so hard I cried at the thought of being asked eirn rate how melody walkthrough I find the Pep Boys. At the same time?

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The similarity is that they dragonball z sex porn precipitate on the premise that men are entirely incapable of controlling or holding back expression of their sexual desires, even when it is absolutely socially inappropriate and implicitly threatening of women to do so.

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