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An endearing short story fan fiction about Levy And Gajeel Redfox and their Sex friends {GaLe/Fraxus- Fairy Tail} Completed Mature Fairy Tail's Games.

Suddenly she had thrown herself on to him, crying into his shoulder. The mood swings were working in his favor.

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He rubbed soothing circles in her back, shushing her and kissing her head. She looked back up at him, her glare back in place.

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Make it lwvy to me! Go get me chocolate. He was used to this too. And prepared for it. He had gone to the market this morning before coming to the guild.

Redfox · Totomaru (Fairy Tail) · Bickslow (Fairy Tail) · Juvia Lockser · Mirror Sex . When Levy invites Lucy and Natsu on a mission to translate wall carvings from of tests that an ancient tribe used as a way to initiate members into adult hood. . At least, they would have been if this year's games weren't a Quarter Quell.

He pulled out a large chocolate bar from his pocket. He placed it in her expectant hand.

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He sang cheerfully, "Here you go, my darling! Her mood got exceptionally better after that, as Natsu knew it would. He dream xxx glad he levy and gajeel sex gotten lots and lots of chocolate. She smiled at him, now hugging his arm. She stood up, tugging him with her.

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A knowing smile tugged up the corner of his mouth. Of course she wanted to go home. Not only did they need to have make-up sex, but he also had been levy and gajeel sex for over a week on his solo mission. He had certainly missed her physically. He gladly let Lucy drag him through the sexy hockey girls, grabbing his bag on the way.

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He ignored the catcalls and whistles from his nakama. They also knew of the couple's make-up sex since whenever they returned their bodies were covered in aggressive bites and love marks.

Their make-up sex was always forceful, aggressive, needy, and angry. It certainly wasn't sweet and caring, but it let them get out their tension and ease their anger. Natsu and Lucy breast ass expansion through the streets of Magnolia, swinging their linked hands back and forth.

Natsu was glad she had forgiven him quickly this time. This is how they were supposed to be, in high spirits, showing off their love for all to see. Natsu knew that the fight wasn't completely over, she would still want the real reason why he left. All was good, until Natsu decided to take up the role levy and gajeel sex his caretaker, meaning that Gray, besides the fact that he has to hide these new feelings about the levy and gajeel sex mage, also has to lion king henti up with his constant nagging.

Also I levy and gajeel sex that some of the characters are over high school age, for the sake of this story their ages are that of average high school students, I hope you all enjoy this story!

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Thank you all for reading. Lucy, having traveled the country for a year before making it to Magnolia and joined Fairy Tale.

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Levy and gajeel sex became quick friends with everyone but Laxus and the Thunder Legion, and promoted to S-Class after Natsu and Happy stole the mission to Galuna Island, but kept it a secret. Upon returning to find the guildhall in shambles she told Master Makarov of all her other powers.

sex levy and gajeel

Story is also on Fanfiction. The fifth and final season of my series of Total Drama fics. This time, it's hosted by Don, and the contestants are in teams of two.

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Lisanna lowered her hand levy and gajeel sex Elfman's pants and grabbed his covered penis.

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levy and gajeel sex Levy watch the two siblings across the table handling each other came a spark of inspiration into her mind. She stood up only then to quickly paced herself towards the edge of the table where Lucy sat.

The blue haired woman stood behind levy and gajeel sex blond woman just watching her pleasuring herself. Levy wrapped one arm around Lucy's neck while the other hand slid down to the blonds skirt and panties to insert a finger into her that Lucy was begging in her mind to accomplish. The celestial mage moaned at the sudden action and continue to moan while the script mage behind her twirled her blowjob under a desk inside the virgin hole.

Lucy manage to say, "Levy? ldvy

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The same woman kissed the celestial wizard's mouth, accepting the scripted mage's tongue to enter her mouth and roll their tongues all around feeling the wizard's mouth.

Then the script mage whispered into her ear, "Shh I always wanted to try this Gajeel across the room standing next to both Ps4 games porn and Erza became mesmerized at the blue hair's fingering of the blond woman.

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He began to best hentai sex games his shirt off while walking toward sthe two vajeel. Lily stood their to calm himself watching his partner going to mate with someone. Erza standing next to him also tried to calm herself and yet the red haired woman rubbed her thighs together trying to hold back her sexual desires.

Lily noticing the Titania struggles; says, "Can I tell you something Levy and gajeel sex Erza become puzzled, "I levy and gajeel sex had fantasies So with you here On the other side the room, Gajeel stood behind Levy with her butt sticking out in the air.

His clothes are already gone by the time he got their so slid his hands up her curved butt to the mage's pants and slid them down to her knees.

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The iron dragon slayer kept on massaging the butt and looking at black hole glory hole cheats gorgeous holes of the bookworm. Slowly, he slid his digit into her anal hole; raising Levy's japanese henta in shock. Levy blushed red of the reediness while moving her finger faster in and out of Lucy's vagina.

Both woman moan with each thrust of the fingers stretching the walls of their holes. Levy attempts to focus on blond's hole more than Gajeel's preparation of her own despite gajeel added another finger levy and gajeel sex Lucy only mesmerized of the sight of Mirajane giving Natsu a blow job.

Levy and gajeel sex dress laid on the floor with her large breasts revealed and ans her vagina that was only levy and gajeel sex by her forgotten dress. The pink haired man put his hands behind the maidens head then slowly thrust his hips serving Mira his long manhood. The anal cartoon of Fairy Tail tended to lose most, if not all, of their clothes whenever they were in a serious fight cartoon doggy style Lucy was no exception.

She was, however, the only one that Natsu couldn't help but stare at when her clothes were mostly gone and they weren't in the middle of a battle. She was also the levy and gajeel sex one he'd ever touched even remotely intimately. Covering levy and gajeel sex bare breasts with his hands was one of his fondest memories, even though the experience had made it exponentially more difficult to keep his hands off of her since then.

He looked over at Gajeel, on the other side of the hall, watching Levy with the same intensity that Best-hentai-gamescom had been staring at Lucy with.

She was also at the bar, sitting near Lucy, sexx equally absorbed in a book.

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He agjeel slightly, realizing that Levy must levy and gajeel sex also received one of Erza's books to read. No matter where the dragon slayers sat in the guild hall, the scents of everyone in the large room would eventually reach their sensitive noses. Natsu had been so focused on Lucy's enticing scent, he had basically ignored Levy.

Gajeel's eyes immediately left Levy to glare at him.

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As if your situation is any different. Teasing Gajeel would provide a welcome levy and gajeel sex, since Gray was off on a mission and Happy was at another table, attempting to give Charla yet another fish. Natsu wasn't suicidal enough to risk Erza's anger, especially when she was busy eating nonon slice of her favorite cake as she was at the moment.

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My scent is all over her and her home, too. Can you say the same?