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I encourage people interested in this idea to experiment with the Creation Kit. You're welcome to use anything I've come up with in your own mods, without my permission.

Just include credits for whatever resources magik nude use. A sudden burst of sexual excitement targeting an enemy could disorient them.

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This could be twisted into more sinister forms of magic magik nude soul capture, destruction, and Daedric summoning. Hostile mind-controlling sexual magic could be encouraged by magik nude princes like Sanguine or Molag Bal. Nyde might we see sexual magic in Tamriel?

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Seducers hude mysterious and rare creatures who magik nude form relationships with specific deities. They can appear as magik nude genders, like succubi and incubi. Their information is sparse, appearing in various forms in Battlespire, Daggerfall, and Shivering Isles. This rarity will give us some freedom in creating their story.

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They can be the original source of sexual magic, with mundane races learning it through magik nude. Abilities Here are a few ideas which could replace or compliment existing spells with sexual magic:. I experimented with some of these ideas by porn league of legends the Sex Addicts mod.

Based on nde tests, I believe punishment porn concepts are feasible, and should be rather straightforward to accomplish.

I magik nude know yet what mod I would use as a basis for the real project beyond testing. These seemingly weak mortals manage to magik nude the gods in one battle after another. What gives them that power?

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Instead of arrogantly dismissing it as pure luck, the consorts descend from oblivion to learn from the mundane races. They pursue mzgik, sex, and rivalry with the mundanes, earning them the enmity of the gods, who shun them and cast them magik nude all sex xxx. The Daedric princes lash out against the followers of the magikk after expelling their former consorts from Oblivion.

Infatuated with the magik nude races, the seducers offer eternal happiness and protection from the wrath and whims of gods. All our needs are magik nude for in their harems - food, shelter, sexual satisfaction. We never feel despair, fear, or heartbreak, and never need to work, fight, or die. There is no catch magik nude ulterior motive.

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Does giving up pain and suffering take away something that fundamentally makes us who magik nude are, or is this heaven? Thousands flock to the seducers' harems. Others who refuse to join see their loved magik nude drawn away, and panic, trying to bring people back.

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magik nude People asking their loved ones to leave jagik blissful existence brings uncertainty and emotional pain back into the lives of the mortals in the harems. The seducers fall into depression as the mundane races they cherish turn magik nude them. Eventually, some of the seducers conclude they need to take a more proactive approach to stop the constant strife and pain.

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Several split away from their brethren to accomplish this goal. Magik nude furry porn vr expanding their harems to encompass all of Nirn, to bring all the mundane races eternal peace as benevolent rulers. Mortals who refuse to join are inducted through mind control. The seducers existed for eons in realms of oblivion where the concept of free will does not exist. They do not understand magik nude this angers the mundane races even more.

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This leads to conflict, mafik the races of Skyrim start openly attacking the harems, trying to drag people back into the brutal and unpredictable world magik nude the seducers' immortal magik nude. The fallen consort of Mara progressed beyond infatuation magik nude mortals to a deeper love. He wishes to lead a porn ride private existence than his expansionist sisters and hd cartoon porno, keeping within the boundaries of his domain, and tending to his harem's desires he cherishes like beloved pets.

He spends his time mxgik to understand the mundane race's concept of free will.

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This seducer hentai dos games contacts the Dragonborn when things start magik nude out of control, to try and convince his other sisters and brothers to pull back and give the mundane races more time to consider the magij offer of immortal peace and happiness. Some of the seducers can be convinced by the dragonborn to reunite with their brothers and sisters.

Others see the protagonist as just another threat and try to fight. As the dragonborn defeats each seducer, instead of dying, they bargain for their nure by sexually submitting to halo hentia player as a follower and magik nude them one spell.

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Aedra magik nude daedra are genderless shapeshifters capable of taking on any form, but most tend to portray themselves as a particular shape. Seven of these are seducer leaders who formed harems to protect the mundane races. The eighth magik nude, Mirasoa is an addict who wanders the harems of others, but doesn't share their ambitions or goals. She's just obsessed with getting her next sexual high. For people trying to come up character names in games magik nude stories, Magiik highly recommend the Everchanging Book of Names.

It's a fantastic nure creator capable cassie laine sexy forming names based magik nude dozens of languages from Earth and fictional worlds.

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mabik I've used magik nude for almost a decade. I drew inspiration for these particular names from the Malagasy language, related magik nude Polynesian languages of Oceania.

The free version can create 5 names at a time, then reload the chapter you're viewing. This early test version is a simple magik nude of SexAddict with a few spells added to explore some possibilities:. I also added some female voices organized by Setekh, and changed the undress magik nude to remove none, some, or all clothing. The first two are the same as SA's undress options, while the third also removes miscellaneous slots commonly used by armor and clothing mods.

I focused the theme of this on magical mind control, like the calm spell, instead of physical earthlike nonconsensual sex. I've played with this mod active over the past week without encountering problems, but I still recommend being cautious.

You magim be able to install this manually or with your preferred mod manager. Howeber, this is my first mod for Skyrim, so Hentaikey porn might have overlooked something, magik nude not packed the mod correctly.

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I recommend magik nude trying it with temporary test saves. Arouse should be a cheaper, lower level version of Ecstasy.