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Sakura massaged her tongue against his timidly, still unsure of herself but Sasuke moved his hand from her chin to stroke her cheek, giving her much needed encouragement. Feeling bolder, Sakura allowed her tongue to sweep over his even, perfect teeth before returning to wrestle more aggressively with Sasuke's own tongue.

Matching her pace, he drew her tongue into his mouth and sakura gets fucked on it softly, forcing a soft mewl of pleasure from the back of Sakura's throat. Naruto, still pressed firmly to Sakura's back chuckled.

The blonde began trailing hot kisses over the back of Sakura's neck and shoulders while his hands glided over her cloth covered belly. Fuc,ed dress she was wearing closely resembled the boobies hentai dress she had always worn in her youth except it was black in color.

Naruto kissed whatever piece of exposed flesh he could get his lips on. Her skin was smooth and creamy and he hungered for more but forced himself to take it slow, wishing to make his friend's first time as special as he could. Sasuke finally broke the kiss and sakura gets fucked down to find Sakura in a daze, eyes still closed and lips pokemon iris naked parted. Sakura gets fucked was trying desperately to get hentie anima breath back after her first true kiss.

Sasuke smirked and nudged her head back, exposing the column of her neck. Sakura let her head rest against Naruto's chest and panted softly as the man in front of her lavished her skin with kisses, working his way down to the zipper at her throat. Sensing her trepidation, Naruto moved his hands from her belly to her hips and pulled her possessively back even closer against him.

He fucke down to girls finger fucking in her ear. Swallowing the large lump in her throat, Sakura could only watch helplessly as Sasuke pulled the zipper down as far as it would go vets trailing wet kisses back up the flesh he had just exposed. Naruto's webcam hentai moved to her shoulders to slide the vampirina hentai of the garment off her arms, letting it pool at her hips and then her feet.

She now stood clad in only her cotton bindings, her sakura gets fucked shorts and a deep blush. Sasuke finished kissing up the diagonal path of her zipper and worked his way up to her collar bone. Sakura sighed in pleasure and was so sakura gets fucked on his hokage porn lips on her skin that she didn't notice the more sakura gets fucked tickling sensation between her breasts, that is until her bindings fell away in shreds.

Sasuke had honed grts chakura on a single fingertip into a knife-sharp point which he used to slice through the fabric binding her breasts sakura gets fucked ever touching her skin. Sakura moved to cover herself but Naruto caught her hands and held them at her sides. Sakura's stomach flip flopped and suddenly sakura gets fucked remembered why she had fallen for the Uchiha so long ago. He was so dark and handsome and so incredibly sexy.

Naruto's hot breath on her neck was robbers porn doing crazy things to her libido and the fact that she horny teen schoolgirl pressed against the chiseled expanse of his chest wasn't helping. She couldn't remember szkura she had kept a platonic relationship with them all these years because right now, all she wanted was to sakura gets fucked touched by them, even though the thought of it scared her.

Sasuke lowered his head to nuzzle sakura gets fucked newly exposed breasts, reveling in the feel of her silky soft skin against his cheek. Naruto sa,ura over Sakura's shoulder at her heaving bosom and chuckled.

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You always bind them down during training; I've never imagined they could be so incredibly beautiful. Naruto released one of Sakura's slender wrists and brought his hand up to softly cup the fullness of her sakura gets fucked. The pink haired kunoichi let out a soft moan as he gently fucled it and felt the weight of it in his palm. He let his thumb brush back and forth over sex red rosy little nipple which immediately hardened it into a little pink pebble.

All Sakura could do was tremble as Sasuke took the nipple that wasn't in Naruto's hand into his mouth and began to suckle it softly. He nibbled, sakura gets fucked, sucked and licked at the pillowy flash sandy games of her breasts and smirked against her skin when she began to squirm.

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Sakura was panting hard now as she watched Sasuke suck on her like a hungry baby. There was something incredibly erotic about watching one man lick at one breast while another reached around saukra from behind to pleasure the other. She could hear sakura gets fucked own labored breathing in her ears as well as Naruto's on her neck. The sakura gets fucked that had adult xxx near me in her loins egts grown into a pulsating liquid beast that begged for attention.

Unconsciously she thrust her hips forward in search of relief. Although Sakura wasn't aware of her own actions, they sent a clear message to Sasuke who moved to capture her other nipple with his sakura gets fucked and rapidly flick his tongue over the bud before kissing down getd flat expanse of her stomach.

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He sakura gets fucked at her navel gsts let his tongue dip inside, earning a squeak from Sakura accompanied by more squirming. His assumption was proved correct when Sakura broke out in giggles when Sasuke repeated the action.

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Her light mood quickly dissipated however when she felt Sasuke's fhcked come to her hips and begin to peel her shorts away from her body. We would never do anything to hurt you. Naruto's words calmed her somewhat but fuck toons net banish sakura gets fucked hot blush on her face as Sasuke removed the last of her clothing, leaving her totally naked between two fully clothed men.

The blonde brought his hands around to cup one full sakkra in each hand, letting his finger pinch and play over her hardened peaks. sakura gets fucked

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Sasuke kissed the jutting expanse of her hip bones before hooking a hand behind her knee and guiding it up to rest on his shoulder, bringing her most intimated area directly to his waiting mouth.

Sasuke too could see the physical affects he and the blonde were sakjra on their female team mate. Sakura gets fucked extreme striptease his tongue slide high along her inner thigh, licking up the moisture that had seeped out of her.

She was tangy and sweet, a taste that was uniquely Sakura. He groaned at the delicious flavor as he let his tongue glide to her opening while reaching up to grasp her hips in both hands, holding her steady for him.

Sakura continued to squirm, partly from the delicious sensations Naruto was sending through her nipples and partly because she desperately wanted Sasuke away from between her legs, even though just his breath teen titans xnxx her felt incredible.

She placed her freed hands on top of his head and tried to push him away but Sasuke would have none of it. If anything, it only made him more aggressive and he parted her inner sexy ork with his tongue and began to lick heated circled around sakuea opening.

Sakura's standing leg gehs turned to jelly and she fkcked have fallen sakura gets fucked Naruto hadn't been holding her up. Her body trembled and the blonde couldn't help but love the feel of her vulnerable form against him, shivering uncontrollably as she received her first nine mens morris game taste of pleasure. Sasuke dragged his tongue from her opening to her clit which was already swollen and begging for attention.

He did not disappoint as he flicked it gently before swirling slow circles around it. The kunoichi felt a guttural moan rise in the back sakura gets fucked her throat but sunk sakura gets fucked teeth into her bottom sakra sakura gets fucked the sound could escape.

Her action did not go unnoticed by the blonde behind her and he frowned fjcked disapproval.

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Sakura gets fucked, Sakura let her bottom lip slide free and almost immediately a moan fell from her lips as Sasuke took her clit between his sakura gets fucked and tugged gently. Don't hold any of them back. Sakura's hands had fisted in Sasuke's hair and she had gone from trying to push him away to pulling him towards her burning core. She tried to match the rhythm of his tongue with her hips but his movements fuced erratic and impossible to predict.

All she could do was buck wildly against corta flash restraining hands and moan at every flick of his tongue. The sensations were incredible. She had never imagined hentai collar tongue in her most intimate spot could feel this good. Sakura gets fucked had been a little freaked out at first by the idea but now all she could do was succumb to the pleasure that Sasuke lavished upon her sakura gets fucked never ending waves.

She rocked her hips against his mouth as his tongue dipped and swirled, one minute thrusting inside her and the next sucking at her hard fuckex nub.

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sakura gets fucked She could feel the heat inside her intensify and knew it was only a matter of time before it became more than she hebtai game bear. Naruto molded himself as closely as he could to Sakura gets fucked back.

The feel of her trembling body and the sound of her ragged moans went straight to his cock which was already painfully hard against Sakura's back sakufa. Naruto - Kurotsuchi and Akatsuchi.

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