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In the saloon, the most useful character snake henti Sue that sells "potions" The fresh water allows you to sna,e some "health points".

The "whiskey" of mp4 porn sites game allows you to recover much more health points, while the silver flask enhance your shooting skills and your dexterity. Sam sells snake henti booze that allows you to recover 5 health points. It also reset the dialog with the women.

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The other women are here for some quests and to have sex with them. The sheriff's office allows you to buy some armors and weapons ask the sheriffthere is also a "wanted list" that is useful at the beginning snake henti the game.

There are only a total snake henti snqke missions there, hentai sisters once you completed some, you will unlock some events.

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Here, to go to a place that is out of the town, you have to select "Plan new journey", then click on the place where you snake henti to go. Once you are there, you do what there is to do at the place and son sexy are automatically back you don't need to travel back or you can't optimize your route.

During you journey, you can select "open your bag", then "consumables" and select to drink some water or whiskey to recover your Health Points. If your health points reach 0, you go automatically snake henti to the saloon with an snake henti points penalty and a money penalty.

There are random fights in the game, they are useful to get experience points and levels, but they prevent to create a fully reproducible walkthrough.

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Useful at the beginning of the fight. Otherwise, snake henti need to be lucky. More useful at higher levels. If you have less than 15 HP, snake henti are in danger. You should then "open your bag", click on consumables vg hentai drink or water, or whiskey to recover some HP.

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Against low level ennemies, you can wait to have less than 10HP. If they are a bit more powerful, snake henti than 12HP. If at the end of the fight, you gain a level, your HP are restored. Brown hat bandy the last stagecoach: With enough dexterity 60you snake henti "take the geezer's stuff hneti a payment for this "discomfort" ":

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