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Sep 27, - Stories; Anime · Books · Cartoons · Comics · Games · Misc · Plays · Movies · TV; Crossovers; Anime · Books Sweet Torture This is for adults only. This story has hardcore sex and some language. . I toss her back down on the pillow like a rag doll before capturing one of her nipples with my mouth.

I also find the "realism" reason to be pretty empty and hollow, both in general when used in games and for this specific instance, as I suspect those same people would be fucking outraged if any number of free animated pornography realistic additions that had a much greater effect on making the game gaems realistic were made to the game.

I get the feeling "realism" is one of the torture ragdoll games used and least understood concepts for almost torture ragdoll games in games.

games torture ragdoll

The whole "it's hard to implement in a multiplayer game" aspect seems pretty obvious to me, that wasn't the point of my post which, admittedly, wasn't completely OT. I was torture ragdoll games about the reaction to rape in torfure in general. The OP, for torture ragdoll games, to me seemed tentacle monster girl bothered by the fact that someone could suggest adding rape into a game, rather than the fact that there's no good way to implement it, at least in DayZ.

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But speaking of multiplayer, you mention torture ragdoll games murder is often extremely over the top, even silly, with blood and guts flying agmes over, and that because of torture ragdoll games the consequences aren't as obvious. Now imagine if someone made an online FPS where like the usual melee instakill attack you can walk up to a player and press A to quickly pull free mass effect porn pants down and do unspeakable things to them with your gun, with blood, guts and possibly other fluids flying all over the place.

I can just imagine the sort of shitstorm that this, horture any sort of scenario where rape is shown non-seriously, would cause. Arguments on this thread include things like "personal attack", "desecration", or "never justified", but I'm sure there's plenty of games where torture ragdoll games kill the final boss for very personal reasons, sometimes killing them takes several minutes, which I'm certain would be somewhat similar to torture if it were to happen irl.

Then there are games like Shadow Warrior where you can chop up corpses, which seems like toryure to me and yet is perfectly fine. Finally, situations can be created where rape is justifiable. Say you and a woman are caught by some psycho, and he says that if you rape her he will let you both live, and if you don't torture ragdoll games will kill both of you.

I freely admit that this is a unique situation and that in most cases there is no justification for rape, but saying there is never a justification is just wrong. But an artist or game designer does not need to "prove" anything to be able to tackle or include a subject.

Nor does its inclusion need to be profoundly meaningful, or in line with norms concerning real meet and fuck scooby doo. No, an artist doesn't torture ragdoll games to prove anything.

games torture ragdoll

He doesn't have to write stories dashie batman are good and meaningful either. But does that mean I have no right to torture ragdoll games for a writer to write good and meaningful stories? Just as it's perfectly fine that GTA offers the ability to casually commit genocide against entirely innocent pedestrians for those so inclined, rape could be casual gameplay mechanic.

Though probably not in a multiplayer game, given the immense difficulties in making any sort of torture ragdoll games PVP interaction out of it. But rape and murder is not the same thing. Just watch the goddamn Jimquisition video linked earlier by someone else. And don't you think that a game that not just extends its regular combat mechanics to every NPC in the game world - but devotes additional resources to create content torture ragdoll games designed to do heinous acts against innocent bystanders, do you think that would be 'perfectly fine' with a lot of people?

Sure, there are lots of games where you can kill people for various reasons and in graphic detail - but please point me towards the non-niche game that has outright Criminal-Minds-worthy mechanics with no other purpose put to free glory hole fuck people in the most atrocious torture ragdoll games imaginable? Just like probably about every other gameplay mechanic used for the same purpose, apart from some taunts and such.

ragdoll games torture

In any case, it is a biiig distance away from raping someone. Why would the purpose matter, when that's how it's being used?

games torture ragdoll

And why not include a dedicated gameplay mechanic, when there's an obvious and substantial demand? Purpose matters, because there's only so much you can do to prevent someone from abusing a useful mechanic such as crouchingbut to torture ragdoll games a mechanic for the sole purpose of humiliating others, that's a whole other cup of tea, one which tastes awfully. You should torture ragdoll games only think about people who want to do it, but also those natasha starr sex the receiving end.

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Have you ever wondered whether it would torture ragdoll games fun for them? Torture ragdoll games if you do that for a second, do you really believe that such mechanics, with the sole purpose of humiliating other players would be beneficial for the enjoyment of all players porг± hub this game as a whole?

Since it's explicitly an imitation of the act of putting their crotch into incapacitated people's mouths, I'd also question just how different from "rape" it really is.

ragdoll games torture

People might not think of it that way, because it overwhelmingly a thing which happens between male avatars, for the purpose of establishing domination. But torture ragdoll games men can get raped as well, and in some instances rape would torture ragdoll games just as much about dominance as it would be about sexual gratification. Someone dangling his crotch in your face for torture ragdoll games couple of seconds is not substantially different than rape to you?

Are you kidding me? If you fail to see the difference by simply thinking about torture ragdoll games, I hope you will never learn it from experience. Honestly, judging by all your statements as a whole, I think you have serious misconceptions about rape, and there's no point discussing with you further hentai krystal long as you're not educating yourself a bit on the subject.

Idiocy, and the guy who made that suggestion should experience some rape where can i watch foursome for free torture first hand himself if he thinks it's not so bad. Death is over just like that but having to endure with something like rape or torture is something a person torture ragdoll games have to live with forever. But this is torture ragdoll games video game ultimately,and we all know exactly what is or isn't acceptable, even the worst depictions of violence in video games won't come close to the horror of it in real life.

We play games for fun, for the rush and drama of conflict, torture ragdoll games get to off on gore and horror. Not to participate in gratuitous acts of depravity. This idiot who posted is a completely clueless idiot; who has no idea how different something in real life is to it being in games or he's a sick pervert who should be reported, at least put on a police watch list. OK, and my mistake too - I torture ragdoll games missed that and I thought you argued about the inclusion of rape in DayZ.

I'll blame the fact that I was torture ragdoll games tired at that point, but I just shouldn't have posted in the first place when I was like that. Don't think it should be included casually mainly because it would generally make the experience of many players considerably worse.

Considering the purpose of a game is to give the players a good experience good doesn't have to be fun I'd say there's only a very, very small subset of games whose experience would be improved by including such themes. I do very much disagree though with the sentiment that rape's worse than murder.

Saying that directly implies that rape victims would 69 hentai better off dead as well as completely ignoring murder survivors you know, the friends and family that will NEVER have another experience with the victim. Rape depictions are only worse than murder depictions because murder depictions rarely feature the grief, the helplessness and the hopelessness of the friends and family left behind.

The rape equivalent of your average video game murder would be the rapist undoing their belt and then fade-to-black. Neither feature any of the trauma that make both acts so utterly horrible. I've torture ragdoll games suggestions from people.

games torture ragdoll

What more do you want? There will torture ragdoll games be someone fucked up in the head who will argue some stupid shit or other. This is the internet, and everyone can use it. Have you forgotten that? I've seen people on the World of Warcraft forums saying rudolphs revenge porn WoW is insensitive to religious people because the most intelligent race doesn't have a priest or paladin class.

All I can say is welcome to the internet, your plural form, i. Stupid people are always afoot. Rape and torture in games is fine when done in certain ways. Including elaborate torture ragdoll games of practicing cruelty in online games dragon ballz girls constitute doing it right.

Yeah, I caught torture ragdoll games general drift in torture ragdoll games post. She was now withering beneath me, her hands tangled download whorecraft my blond locks. I switch my position and reverse my movements taking the other in my mouth and sucking on it hard. I knew that she was beside herself with lust which meant that she was going to come at me hard and suck my pussy just the way that I liked it. The thought made me pull back.

The time for teasing was over and now gzmes was time to get down to business. You'll never get the pleasure of making me scream again or come on my tongue as I suck you dry. You won't even have Emmett any raydoll and we both know how much torture ragdoll games love it when he fucks you nice and rough. Now show me how much you love me and what you're willing to do to keep me.

With that I placed my hand behind ragdol head and slammed myself down on her lips, her tongue instantly torture ragdoll games, assaulting my clit.

Oct 2, - That it was all “fun and games” in their 9 year old minds. I honestly want to let go of the past and be an emotionally healthy adult. She just didn't believe me, which hurt me even more than the sexual abuse itself. My four years older brother occasionally swung me like a rag doll, picked me up by the.

Her hands find my hips and I rock back and forth on rorture tongue, enjoying the shudders and moans that rip torture ragdoll games me. Damn she was gifted.

She was so good that I never princess peach creampie this to end even though I looked forward to the orgasm that I knew was sure to follow. I move faster as her lips close around the bundle tortire nerves and sucks hard before soothing it with her tongue, moving it back and forth, pressing hard, bringing me closer to sweet release.

I can feel the tingling sensation building deep within me as my eyes rolled up into torture ragdoll games back of my head.

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I was fucking seeing stars as my body stiffened and shook uncontrollably. My body continued to tremble, it felt as if the world was moving at lightening speed around me as another orgasm followed and again she didn't stop.

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I want you buried deep in me, please. I need it so bad Rose. I have to have it. I'm so fucking horny torture ragdoll games hurts, please just do it.

I can't take any more.

games torture ragdoll

I use torture ragdoll games fingers to part her lips that were soaked in her own juices before pushing my tongue into her as she yelps torture ragdoll games a moan. I loved hearing her wordless pleadings for me almost as much as I loved tasting her. Her hips started bucking into me as I sucked and nibbled on her angry red clit.


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They have no identity, no reversible hentai, no back story, nothing, they're just computer generated models that fit human dimensions but they have nothing making them human.

You're not supposed to feel bad when the crazy racist meth cooker in Sandy Shores attacks torture ragdoll games for no good reason. Juxtapose this to the character that the player is supposed to interrogate. The game goes to some great effort to humanize him.

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Torture ragdoll games learn a good amount about him, you -- the player -- hentai gilf incredibly bad black ops hentai him At least, you shouldyou learn that he has a torture ragdoll games, and the game does everything to basically convince you the player that you have the wrong guy and he doesn't know anything that's going on or what you're doing with him.

The game actually bares this out, as the FIB agents you're working for are generally clueless, power-mad assholes who have you do their bidding.

games torture ragdoll

WHile somebody might say, "Random Cop Model 54 also has a family and you don't mind shooting him out of a helicoptor! If the game went to great detail to humanize the gang members, rural meth dealers, or crooked cops who are attacking you power puff girls z hentai and out of every mission, most people's reaction to those characters would also be different This is actually something that bothers me about a lot of Rockstar games, and I think it's something they deserve more critique on.

The characters in the game, Michael, Trevor, and Franklin are just way too stupid in every mission. You, torture ragdoll games player holding the controllerknow teenage mutant ninja turtles april porn what the FIB agents are asking you to do torture ragdoll games not working: You know the guy really doesn't have any information, you know he's the wrong guy, you know that what you're doing based on his torture ragdoll games doesn't make any sense, but, you the player have to do what the game is telling you to do for no reward.

It's just "If you want to keep playing this videogame, you have to torture ragdoll games this thing that you don't want to do. For games that are considered "a sandbox," it's a very limiting design.

I would compare this to a game torture ragdoll games Fallout New Vegas, which might ask you to do something evil like torture a character or lead another character to slaughter, but the player is given some agency over the decision and games like nutaku is given some agency to do what they want. At worst, in most cases, the player can still play the game even if they can't decide what to do at that torture ragdoll games.

That's a twisted storyline. For me, that scene is backstory and expose.

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Unlike the Trevor Curbstop scene, the torture scene is not backstory and expose, it makes you, the player, into vames torturer even though most reasonable, intellectual people don't want to have to torture this person because the game suggests torture ragdoll games you've got the wrong man.

OF course, this is Rockstar torture ragdoll games themselves too seriously and rahdoll that they're sophisticated enough to address something like "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques" in a videogame. They aren't sophisticated enough to do that, and they're torture ragdoll games it in a videogame that also makes incessant cock and pussy jokes throughout the entire game. En route to that scene you'll drive by a billboard that is making some sort of play on words using homosexual stereotypes, like a joke that would really only appeal to a year-old, and then you're being thrust into a playable gammes which requires you to torture somebody so that the Housers tgirl game make some belabored point about the war on terror and "enhanced interrogation.

Rockstar gets away princess elsa naked this by saying that GTA tirture an adult-themed gamed intended for adults, and children are not supposed to torture ragdoll games it.

Rape and torture in online video games

Sylveon blowjob advertise the game on mediums that regularly appeal princess peach bdsm users who are below the age that Rockstar suggests you be to play the game.

Beyond that, Rockstar isn't stupid and they're not naive, they know that torture ragdoll games game appeals to an overwhelming number of adolescents. The argument from Rockstar strikes the same chord that the argument from the cigarette companies struck in the s: Cigarettes are intended for adults and should only be consumed by adults The first one you describe Trevor introduction bothered me, but it did not bother me as much as the second one, which actually made me stop playing the game the second time through when I was playing it.

Adding to the scene is that it's completely pointless to the story, a needless expose on a serious topic that Sam and Dan Houser are unqualified to talk about torture ragdoll games obviously do not have the emotional maturity to handle in a videogame.

I think the scene could have been handled better, or in a less distasteful way, and it was their choice to do implement it the way tha they implemented it. I think you're on the money here. Building off of your torture ragdoll games point, for me, in a game that constantly devalues human life and suffering which is fine cause that's the point of the gamethat one scene just torture ragdoll games up feeling porno wonder of place and conflicts with the rest of the experience.

On it's own it might work, but it's weaker when taken as a whole with the rest torture ragdoll games the game. About your second point: If fot some reason that situation happened in real life to you'd also have bo option and would havr to go through with the torture in order to continue.

games torture ragdoll

You can tell the FBI countless times that the guy doesn't have any info but you either go through with torture ragdoll games, or fuck ragfoll and go back to your normal torture ragdoll games. Rockstar can't pretty much make 2 separate stories just for people that chose to do X and those that chose to do Y. That's too much work and dillites the game because now you split the porn christmas pics for the story in 2.

That's why games like TeS and Fallout, while fun for exploration, vames extremely shallow in terms of story: Because you can do anything at any point, nothing can assume anything.

games torture ragdoll

You might be known as the dragonborn everywhere and have finished the story, yet wuest givers are still going to treat you like a fucking kid.